November 8, 2013

Finishing Salts- Salinity

 This is Laine Alexander. I just gotta say Laine is so super nice and loves to share her product.You can find the finishing salts at local wineries, online, farmers markets and Enoteca in Ashland.
 These are some of the varieties out at the moment. However, there are more being prepared for release so be sure to look for the new ones.I have sampled all of them! The new "tis the seasoning" was so good on some pumpkin pie! And I can bet the coconut-lime would be amazing on some popcorn! There are just so many new flavors you can add to your cooking. The finishing salt enhances flavor and it is healthy too.
Here is some of the information behind the finishing salts. I have to highly recommend this product for your household as well as gifts for friends and family!

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